Deb Fiscella, '85

Meet Deb Fiscella, whose 50th birthday present to herself is to raise $50,000 for Four Diamonds Fund!

There are many amazing people in the greater metro Washington DC area with many amazing stories to tell. But we can't remember a story much greater than the story of Deb Fiscella and what she's trying to do for for the Four Diamonds Fund.

The long-time resident of the DC area has taken on an incredible goal, to raise $50,000 herself this year for the Four Diamonds Fund. Her fundraising campaign, 50K for the Kids, is just taking off and we're excited to get you in at the start. Please read below to learn more about Deb and her reach for the stars.


What's your name?
Deb Fiscella
When did you graduate from Penn State?
Oh gosh, really?!  I graduated in 1985, with a degree in Quantitative Business Analysis.
Pope's Blessing of THON (1983)
What are some activities you were involved in while at school?
My two favorite activities were THON and the Student Foundation for the Performing Arts (SFPA). I was on the Morale Committee for THON for three years. 
My first year (1983), THON received a blessing from the Pope! 

Azgard at THON (1983)My senior year, we not only broke the $200,000 mark, but the band I was in (Azgard, pictured right) played at the marathon on Saturday night!

We would love to see that playlist.
One of the songs was "Sunglasses at Night", obviously.

What about SFPA?
I loved working with SFPA -- we presented a variety of performing arts events, like The Second City touring company and Livingston Taylor. Plus, we shared an office in the HUB with the University Concert Committee and Colliquy, which was beyond fun. 

Much of what I learned working with that organization laid the groundwork for what I do now (I work in the theater industry).  I also have vague memories of playing intramural flag football and softball, but I'm not sure they're real.

Well, we do have chapter teams...
Fun! I think I might just focus on the fundraising for now, though.
Do you ever get to go back to campus?
Not nearly as much as I would like.  The last time I was there was for Arts Festival with my sister over ten years ago.  We stayed in the dorms.  
How long have you been living in the DC area?
Woosh, I've been living here for 22 years.  Does that make me a native?
Compared to most of us around here? Definitely. What are you up to these days?
I have my own marketing and PR business, which is why I don't get back to campus as much as I would like.  I work in theater primarily, with clients such as the National Theatre, Imagination Stage, Kids Euro Festival, and the tour of Scooby-Doo Live! Musical Mysteries. I love it!

How have you stayed involved with the chapter since graduation?
A few years after I moved to DC, I joined the chapter and quickly became involved with the Community Service Committee.  I stayed on that committee for quite a few years, and made a number of close friends because of it.  There are five of us that met through the chapter that get together for an ornament exchange every December, and have been for almost 15 years. My Christmas tree would not look as good as it does had it not been for the chapter!
So what is $50K for the Kids? How did the idea come about?
I'm turning 50 next year, and I wanted to do something special.  And big...well, big to me anyway.  So I thought about raising $50,000, because that's kind of big and a little crazy.  Of course I thought of THON and the Four Diamonds Fund, and $50K for the Kids was born.  The goal is to raise $50,000 for the Four Diamonds Fund in celebration of my 50th birthday.

What are your plans for how to raise the money?
I've got a kick-off event happening this Tuesday, November 13, at the Renaissance Dupont Circle Hotel. There's a $10 suggested donation at the door, but all are encouraged to bump that up! 
Tommy McFly from 94.7 Fresh FM will be there - he's a friend and has been hugely supportive of this scheme of mine; an Arbonne rep will be there (up to 35% of the proceeds go to $50K FTK); we'll have cool music, appetizer specials, and more. And, most importantly, we'll have a special guest whose son was a Four Diamonds Fund kid and is now five years cancer free!

Down the road, I plan to have a Ping Pong for the Kids tournament, and a Donate Your Age Day (or several), and a few other events as well.  

The Four Diamonds Fund has been extremely helpful, and they've set up a donation page: I'll be launching the Facebook page this weekend.

I keep telling myself that all I need is 1000 folks that are turning 50 to each give $50. Easy, right?
Can people contact you if they'd like to get more involved?
Absolutely - I would love that!  My email is  Thanks so much for spreading the word!  FTK!
We hope you consider supporting Deb in her great cause, and wish her the best in reaching that incredible goal. Please spread the word to all of your friends and let's help give Deb a birthday present she'll always remember!

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