LionFest Summer Roof Party Wrapup

A special thanks to everyone that came out!

LionFest Summer Roof Party wasn't just a clever name. It had some things that appeal to pretty much anyone that doesn't suffer from acrophobia or agoraphobia. Namely, the following:

  • A great view;
  • Surprisingly great weather;
  • Great music; and
  • Free stuff.

We at the Chapter were really happy to find out that you liked the same things. Although seriously, who wouldn't like this view? This is the actual view of the roof, through the eyes (and expensive camera lens) of PSU alum Julie Vastyan:

This was the actual view from the roof.

It's crazy that Penn Staters would get along, but that's just what happened with a great showing at the event. We even sold out, which is amazing. Check out the event in action early on... 

View of the Roof

As you may know, the event was to raise money for tornado relief in Tuscaloosa. This cause hit home for a few of us involved with the Chapter, because we went down to Tuscaloosa last year and saw what a great town it was. We're really happy that you felt the same way, because in one night we were able to raise over $575 to help out the victims in Alabama. So thank you for all of your support. It felt great to give them something back, and all the proceeds went directly to the U of A Acts of Kindness Fund.

People started coming up to the roof around 6:30pm. Right around that time, Lights Out kicked things off in style. The band, featuring board member Pat Dunne, played a great set of music that combined some 80s and 90s hits.

Lights Out performing on the roof.

Once Lights Out finished a great high-energy set, local band Paranormal (featuring Penn State Mike Bullard) took the stage. Staying to the same genre of happy party music, a playlist fed with everything ranging from Spin Doctors to STP kept things going. Things finished up with a great set of Metallica and Rage Against the Machine.  

As people checked out the view and enjoyed some appetizers, we hope you also took a few minutes to check out the Penn State tables we had set up. We have 4 groups of raffle items to give away, including: gas cards, restaurant gift cards, and even an iPod shuffle. Congrats to all the winners for taking home some prizes of their own.

We hope you also saw the table we had dedicated to the Chapter, where we talked about some of the things we have going on and some reasons to join if you aren't yet a member. We're the largest local chapter in the country, and would love your support to keep that way.

And we just wanted to take a second to send a special thanks to everyone who helped plan the event. Thanks to...

  • LeslieAnn Souders and Maria Recupero for helping from the beginning.
  • Michelle Burns, Jenny Jackson, Irene Firippis, Georgia Somarakis and Umang Sawhney for helping us with ideas starting at the June meeting.
  • Pat DunneMike Bullard, and their bands Lights Out and Paranormal for putting on an awesome show!
  • The board members (Mike, Sara, Steve, JP, Judy, Pat, Dave, Rob, and Adam) for making sure everything ran so smoothly.
  • And thanks to you for showing up.

But enough about us. Now we want to hear from you. What did you think of the event? Have any pictures? Email them to us here. We'd love to get them up on the website and have a huge photo album for everyone to remember this event and the view.

Check out the photo album for the event here!

We had a great time, and hope you did too. And we want to hear from you as we start planning our next big events. Like a fundraiser this Saturday at Ragtime to raise money for Team Penn State! Or how about joining some incoming PSU freshmen and their families at the Annual Student Sendoff? Tell some incoming students about what a chicken cosmo tastes like or why DP Dough should become a food group. Remember, their journey is just beginning.

And last but not least, we hope to see all of you up in Dewey Beach the last weekend in July. The annual Dewey trip is a great weekend where we get to meet other local chapters from Delaware and Philly, and we'd love to have a big crew of DC Penn Staters out there too.

Hopefully see you soon around the corner or up on the beach.

KIT, and have a great summer!

Penn State DC Alumni




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