Choosing Scholarship Recipients


The MWCPSAA scholarship endowment is run through the Pennsylvania State University; therefore, we can only award scholarships to students who meet the University's requirements for financial aide. This prevents any favoritism or unethical handling of the funds. 
Each year in the May/June timeframe, the Penn State Office of Financial Aid sends the Student Affairs Chairperson a list of local (DC/MD/VA) students ranked by both financial need and academic potential (based on high school GPA).
The Scholarship Committee sends an email to the eligible students inviting them to apply. After applications are received and reviewed by the committee. Approximately 8-10 candidates with the best written applications are invited to a formal interview.
After the formal interview, the Scholarship Committee makes two decisions:
  1. Who to award a scholarship to, and 
  2. How much to award each winner. 
The factors that we use in that dermination are financial need, academic potential, quality of written responses, and quality of the verbal responses.
Our chapter treasurer then writes a check to the University, and the funds are dispersed to the individual student accounts by the Bursar's office. Last year we distributed a total of $20k to 10 deserving students.
Additionally, 2 students received scholarships through our Trustees Matching Scholarship Endowment. These students and the amounts they received were determined by the Office of Student Aid based on financial need.